Finding Your Soulmate

  • At a time when marriages end even before they begin, it has become increasingly important for individuals to get married to emotionally, mentally and physically compatible people. Love and empathy alone may not keep a marriage working. It is essential to know that the person you are getting married to is your soul mate. How do you know that the person you have just met and like is the person with whom you can enjoy a long and happy married life? Here is where Vedic astrology can play an important part.
    Vedic Astrology is a scientific study of planets and their motion and the effect they have on our lives. It can predict the future of a person based on the planetary motion and positions vis-a-vis their exact date, time and place of birth. It can also effectively predict if two people are compatible by matching their Janam Kundalis (birth-charts) at the time of marriage.
    Checking sun signs and matching them alone is not an effective way to find an ideal mate. As per Vedic astrology there are 10 important astrological parameters on which compatibility should be checked. Based on the ratings on these 10 parameters it can be predicted if a couple will enjoy a harmonious and happy married life. These parameters cover basic areas of human life:
    Natural refinement (Varna)
    Attraction (Vashya)
    The position and degrees of the nakshatras  (Tara)
    Sexual compatibility (Yoni)
    Mental compatibility (Grahamaitri)
    Temperamental compatibility (Gana)
    Compatibility of Karma (Bhakut)
    Nadi (endocrine )
    A rating system based on weighted points are used to judge the compatibility as excellent, very good, average or  below  average.